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Have A Great Type-in Or Expired Domains That Generate Traffic But Not Earning Any Money? 


Domain Sponsors Pro uses proprietary strategies and tools to allow domain owners to maximize profits and at the same time accurately analyzing performance.  Whether it is an adult or non-adult traffic, our state-of-the-art proprietary software allows domain owners to effectively and efficiently manage their domain portfolios therefore generating the highest revenue rates.


If you have not monetize your domain traffic: Sign up for our program right now! You do not have to pay anything to get started.


If you have already monetize your domain traffic: Are you truly satsified with the paltry $5-7/CPM you're getting with DomainSponsor, DomainSpa or Trafficz?


How Much Can I Earn?


If you have great unused domain names, with consistent traffic streams, we guarantee to give you minimum rates of at least $85CPM and as high as $1,000CPM+.  

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