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Domain Sponsors Pro program was created specifically for high-end domain owners with quality undeveloped web real estate. Using aggressive and precisely calculated monetization strategies, we help to maximize revenue streams from prime parked domains by fully managing, optimizing and tracking your domains for you.

If you own domains that get either:

  • Type-in Traffic - From people who will type the URL directly into their address bar without any prior knowledge of a website being attached to that domain name
  • Expired Traffic - From the links and search engine listings of a previously active website that has expired

Then you're a prime candidate for our program.  


Competitor Average CPM Revenues*
Domain Sponsor $5-7
Domain Spa $5-7
Trafficz $3 (Traffic Flow)
Name Renters $2.50
Domain Sponsors Pro

$85 CPM+ guaranteed

* Your average profit from sending 1000 visitors

Why Choose Us?

Why is Domain Sponsor Pro so different? The other monetization programs are designed to work with thousands of domains.  As a result, they will throw up a similar ppc monetization page on every domain you have.  These programs are designed to optimize for quantity, NOT quality.  Over time, users become so desensitized to these pages, that they close them without giving a second thought.  

Remember, these programs first split revenues 50/50 with the PPC search partner they use, and then split their 50% share 50/50 with you.  In effect, you get 25% of what you should be getting.  

Domain Sponsor Pro differs in that we work on each of your domains on a case by case basis.  We care about traffic quality over traffic quantity.  We analyze the domain name manually and then decide which of the following methods to employ:

  1. Place a PPC search engine
  2. Target individual advertisers
  3. Use affiliate programs
  4. Create domain targeted ad copy

The results? Revenues that are consistently MANY times higher than any traffic revenue program on the web.

All-In-One Management

Let's face it: you have more important things to do with your time. Let our dedicated monetization experts manage your domains, while you reap the rewards...

As a member, you get:

  1. Free unlimited parking of all your domains
  2. Independent stats tracking software provided
  3. Automatically redirected error/404 expired traffic so you fully monetize all incoming traffic
  4. Full featured real-time revenue tracking
  5. Withdrawal of revenues you earn via Paypal or Check at anytime
  6. Minimum rates of at least $85CPM and as high as $1,000CPM+ from your unused domain traffic

Domain Requirements

Because of the quality of our proprietary domain monetization strategies, we only accept domains that meet the following criteria:

  • Expired Traffic - Domain must have at least 150 unique visitors per day
  • Type In Traffic - Domain must have at least 30 pure unique type-ins per day



Submit an application and we'll get back to you shortly to see if you qualify!


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