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What is Domain Sponsors Pro?


We are a group of web professionals who have experience maximizing revenue streams from targeted traffic. We work with your premier undeveloped domain names receiving traffic to maximize the profit you get from the visitors to these names.


How does it work?


Our strategies are proprietary, meaning that we do not disclose our methods to outside parties.


I've used DomainSponsor, Domain Spa, or Trafficz.  How are you different? 


Domain Sponsors Pro works on each of your domain names on a case by case basis.  We look at each names manually by hand, and find the best ways to profit from the traffic that name is getting.  


What type of rates do you offer?


Your profit starts at a minimum of $85 per 1,000 visitors and can be $1,000+ per 1,000 visitors for very targeted traffic.  Compare this with our competitor's rates of only $5-7 for 1,000 visitors.


Are there any restrictions?


Your domain names must generate at least 150 unique visitors a day and your typein names must generate at minimum 30 unique visitors per day for you to qualify for our program.


How often are stats updated?

Stats are updated


Do you offer a referral program?

No. We do not offer referral program at the moment.


What is the minimum payout?


There is no minimum payout amount so you can request any amount of payment.


How do I get paid?


You will be paid directly via Paypal or check.  You can request payment at any time. 


Your program sounds great, now where do I begin?


Please fill in application form to get started. 



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